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not a good bus day

After waiting 45 minutes for the number 12 (and being thankful I didn't have my regularly scheduled pshrink appointment today, for which I would have been 30 minutes late) I walked around the corner to catch something else, to see the 12 go by just a few minutes later. So what, you say. That's pretty normal.

Well, the reason it was really irritating: that 45 minutes occurred after the prior #12 ran a red light, narrowly missed me in the crosswalk, then proceeded to ignore my attempt to catch up and board it. So the wait, getting chillier by the minute, simply added insult to near-injury.

But whatever. I'm home, I was able to discover what the hovering helicopters were about, and I only mistook the firework noises for gunshots for a nanosecond.

Plus I have lemon meringue pie, left over from yesterday. Proper lemon meringue pie, traditional to my family's thanksgiving dinner, tart and delicious. Made with loooooooooooooooooooooove for that matter, too.

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