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Being the most computer-savvy person in the group at work, I've been tapped to construct our web page. I'm also the closest thing to a graphic designer we've got (tremble in fear, o ye gifted with any sense of aesthetics), so I've also been asked to create an electronic holiday greeting card for us to send to our customers. Both projects I'm happy to accept, if for no other reason than they're about 700 times more interesting that what I'm 'normally' supposed to be doing.

So the management assistant for the group sent me copies yesterday of the group photos we took at the Fresno meeting a week or so ago, to use as part of the above projects. There are ten of us, all told, of varying ethnicities and shades of brownish pink.

Except for me. There are three sets of poses, in varying light levels (including outdoors). In every photo I stand out, my skin brilliantly gleaming white. As though I were made up to go out wearing paler - but I wasn't. I wasn't wearing make-up at all - a mistake, perhaps, but I hadn't anticipated there being quite so much contrast.

It makes me laugh, if for no other reason than I've still got my summer color - I imagine if I tried to call it a tan I'd be lynched - and to me looking in the mirror, my skin has a definite brownish cast. Clearly it's all relative.

The annoying thing is it means getting the balance to the point where it looks decent is probably beyond my meager skills as a photo-retoucher. We shall see; I'll play around with it some and maybe teach myself something useful in the offing.

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