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Sultan Bakery - Xiombarg approved

On the way down the mountain this morning we stopped at the Sultan Bakery, and I bought several cake donuts to bring home for later consumption. I had one not too long after I sat down to look at my email today. Xiombarg wanted some - she always has to check out my food, of course.

So I gave her a bit, and she ate all the crumbs I'd let her have - not unusual. Then I'm typing along and I hear *rustle rustle*. She's got her head in the bag, trying to get at the other donut there. I disengage cat from bag, fold bag top over, go back to typing.

Pretty soon I hear *rustle rustle thump* - this would be the cat attempting to unfold bag, knocking it onto the floor. I disengage cat from bag again, set bag behind keyboard under the shelf my computer monitor sits on - a pretty standard "no fly zone" for stuff I don't want her eating/playing with - and go back to doing what I was doing.

A few moments later, I notice she's squeezed herself in under the shelf and is trying to open the bag again. She's usually not this dedicated to anything that doesn't involve catnip...

Hmm, secret ingredient? I moved the bag completely out of reach; she stalked off in a huff.

Donuts 1, Cat 0 - but I'm definitely putting the bag in a cupboard before I go to bed.

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