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stupid phone...

My stupid phone thinks it is in analog roam, right here in downtown Seattle. So I have no message notification, and really no idea if calls people might be making to me are getting through. So if you call me and I don't reply, don't take it personally.

I'm about ready to pitch Qwest, cell/DSL/everything off a cliff. I tried to arrange breakfast but about half of my calls wouldn't go through this morning. So I'm going to go check out the Green Cat Cafe and do some grocery shopping, and hope the rest of you crazy kids have fun doing whatever it is you're up to...

-Joy (11 a.m. or so, Saturday 16 November 2002)

On second thought, it is raining enough that I am just going to the store. My raincoat has decided that sealed seams are for wusses, so it really just slows down the soakage more than anything (need to do something about that, I do); enough so that I'm not in the mood to take a side tour for a soggy, solitary breakfast after all.

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