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Saturday is already covered; this is good, because despite sitting here wrestling with the space bar's un-cooperativeness, I'd forgotten what I was up to that day. That's one of the big reasons I keep a journal (not so much online, just in general) - memories that fade in and out.

Sunday was breakfast at Ulysses & Carol's - which of course really meant breakfast/snacking/dinner, hanging out all day and arriving home about 10:30 p.m. Ended up traveling there by bus and being a bit startled when the door opened on a roomful of people. Everyone else showed up on time, for once, in a shocking breach of protocol. This is the reverse of what often happens, when grouchychris (and anyone he is carting about) is the only one to arrive promptly; I'd been unsuccessfully trying to arrange a ride with him. Many pancakes and much espresso were consumed.

A side rant: Seattle may claim to be a coffee town, but finding a barista who can pull a decent shot is damn difficult. I had better espresso from the lobby stand in Washington DC than I often get in town here. Being out of coffee at home, I had stopped on the way to the bus to get a latte at a shop that I will refrain from naming (not Aurafice, though). I'd gotten a drink that was ok - about standard, really. When I arrived at the Labyrinth and Ulysses handed me the latte he made me, though, it was ambrosial - and then to my embarrassment I had to explain the completely spontaneous orgiastic noise I made to my companions.

Monday, being still out of coffee I walked over to Aurafice to get my morning fix and some beans - yeah, I'm on my way out of town but that still involves taking coffee with me to Fresno. I've been there before, remember. Also, I wanted to see marc17's photo exhibit. I really like his concert photography - it manages to capture specific, isolated moments while still retaining a sense of the energy of the show. This is especially cool for someone short and shy like myself, since it lets me actually see the performers for once. I also have to mention that I amused myself greatly by being able to recognize the shots from the Cramps show from across the room - nobody fellates a microphone quite like Lux Interior.

I sat and wrote on my novel there for a while, then came home to not-pack and do a few household chores. Most of the afternoon I spent being sat on by the cat - who is of course cranky this morning as I have started pulling out my overnight case and prepping finally for the trip. I still have to look up the bus schedule to SeaTac... It's only three days, so packing is pretty simple, especially since we are meeting for a half day on both travel days, and off-site for the one full day - meaning that ultra-casual is the order of the day, even more so than usual. Although we are having a group photo taken tomorrow and have been requested to wear something red or green or 'festive', but I have plenty of green clothing - it's mostly a matter of deciding how 'festive' I feel like being.

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