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I had all kinds of plans for today. I was going to work on my nanowrimo novel, mostly. Instead, I gave my keyboard a bath.

Two baths, actually. First I lovingly poured a solution of two parts coffee to one part half-and-half into the works; then I popped all the keys off row by row and washed them off in the sink. I also pulled about a cat and a half's worth of hair out of the thing, all told. Q-tips are your friend.

Then I proceeded to put the H, G, and F keys back in the wrong order. Fortunately that was easily fixed. The space bar, however, is definitely worse for wear - the spring mechanism that made it activate with light pressure at either end got unsprung somehow, and so now to get an actual space from the space bar I have to wale on it pretty firmly in the middle of the key. Perhaps this will resolve in time, if not I think I'll be in the market for a new keyboard pretty rapidly. I think I got rid of any spares a couple of moves ago.

So much for the morning! For this I skipped breakfast, as well.

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