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Lovely, enthralling reading by icebluenothing at Aurafice. It was reasonably well attended, though not as packed as I had expected - amnotsurly and I showed up early because I wanted to score a place to sit - and to have a chance for coffee and chatting beforehand.

I love being read to - and it is always a treat to hear an author perform their own work. Of the three stories we heard I think Daddy's Girls was my favorite. The imagery was very evocative, and it both did and didn't go where I was expecting. All of the stories were good, and Six handled the interruptions with far more aplomb than I would have managed. He was quite the dashing figure in a very sharp-looking suit - I really liked the color (though I am hard pressed to name it accurately, so I won't).

I missed the chapbooks, though, if there were any available. Next time, I guess.

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