Joy (cithra) wrote,

everything old is... well, it just is.

Paul & McJulie's Halloween party was this past Saturday, and I ended up making a wekend of it, rather than coming back Saturday night - they offered crash space and I hadn't been sure exactly how I was getting there; one set of plans involved public transportation of one sort or another so I thought it best to arrange to stay overnight.

There were some excellent costumes - Juliep & Dan came as Count Orlock/the Shadow of the Vampire (Dan was the shadow) which was wonderful and eerie. Their costumes are always elaborate and excellent. McJulie was Phoelicia Mutton, National Regional Manager for MegaGlom corporation. (McJulie isn't terribly fond of her new phone-slave job, not that I blame her.) Also very effective; with the amusing side effect of startling the one co-worker of hers who attended, as he'd been previously unaware that she hated her job.

There are often some fairly high concept costumes present - Craig was Gleeful Pessimism (I think, it was some sort of energetic pessimism). One woman came by post - she sent a letter and some artifacts indicating she was the shadowy Al-Quaida network. I'd been toying with the notion of dressing entirely normally (blue jeans normal, not accused-goth-in-mufti normal) and saying I was a terrorist, but I wasn't entirely sure how it would go over with some other attendees. Instead, using the Anya (from Buffy the Vampire slayer) principle, I dressed as a small child.

I don't regret going - Angela came up from Elma, and the group of Canadians that showed contained Palle` (that accent may be the wrong one, damfiknow) and I don't seen enough of Paul or McJulie or Devon anymore. But I never really settled into a groove - I feel like my knack for social interaction is slipping.

I can't decide whether or not to be worried about this. Since I have begun to allow myself to admit to enjoying doing things by myself, I'm finding that I almost prefer it. But the flip side is I seem to be rapidly falling out of practice at phatic conversation and casual communication, let alone actual meaningful interaction with other people. Sneaky sneaky solipsism...

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