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Aetna fall-out

Suddenly I get a bill from a collection agency for a medical charge *from 1999* that was paid by my insurance at the time. Which was Aetna, prize assholes at the best of times. At least they were damn well supposed to pay it - and if they didn't I certainly should have heard about it well before now. I was wondering 'what the hell?' then I opened the rest of the mail I had, and discovered a general information letter from Providence (who just happened to be the provider) about how they've finally resolved their dispute with Aetna. 'Uh-huh,' I'm thinking. How conveniently coincidental. I have no idea what dispute they're talking about - some kind of contract issue which I *thought* didn't concern me, since I've been on Blue Cross for the last TWO YEARS... I'd really prefer to write a letter, but I suppose in terms of efficacy's sake I'd better call them.

I wonder if I'll have to threaten to commit suicide on the phone again to get any action out of them. I hope not - at the time it was sincere, they had given me so much run around about the preparations for my surgery that I really was at the end of my rope. At the moment, I'm much further from the edge - so I'm merely angry with them. But I sincerely doubt that will have any motivating force...

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