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I still can't shake this nasty premonition that we will be at war with Iraq before October ends.

I've been fighting some definite depression the last few days - some of it is probably cycle-related, but some of it is political. Some of that is related to trying to figure out just how political I am. Even on the best of days I have trouble mustering the emotional certitude to back the intellectual knowledge that one person can make a difference - but I do know that to be happy, I require myself to conduct my life as though it were true. A tree falling in the forest does cause sound waves, even when there are no tympani to register them; so also perhaps my actions and thoughts and beliefs can alter the memescape, even if I can't see the effect.

Eh, cold comfort in an effort to shake this "Do something!!" feeling that makes me want to pursue grand, dramatic, sweeping and ultimately unpractical gestures. Because it is the nature of life to go on, and that means grocery bills and rent payments and so forth. What my options are as a cog in the government machine is part of what I'm weighing now...

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