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catlet update

I was a little nervous upon my return that Xiombarg would still be unwell. I was fairly certain that grouchychris, my long-suffering cat-sitter, would have made an effort to get in touch if anything had gone really wrong. Still, it was on my mind on the trip back a fair bit.

Happily, I think she has even gained back a little weight, her vertebrae don't seem quite so prominent. She seems to be in good fettle, and I think between tuna and canned chicken we've managed to get most of the antibiotics down her gullet, if a trifle slowly. Just think of it as a manual timed-release system.

She's been pretty friendly, too - hasn't given me the cold shoulder and has spent lots of time wanting to be held (while I'm on the computer, of course) or sitting/sleeping with me.

So I'm happy she's mended or at least strongly mending.

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