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This week I'm off to Dallas, TX for a training class. I'm being trained, not doing the training (thank the stars). Some type of reports writing software... It should be cool, I know most of the other folks in the class already.

I'm feeling kind of honored - I was suggested for this assignment/training by name, since I'm one of the regular users of the computers system (ACES) in question. This is the pilot class - so I'm both an early adopter and considered to have enough of a clue to provide worthwhile input on the course design and effectiveness.

I enjoy this type of assignment as well, much more than the day-to-day logistics stuff. I wish I wasn't so torn about the travel. It's a pain, but the part I really mind is leaving Xiombarg behind. I'm content that she is in good hands with Chris watching her, but I still miss her and feel bad when I'm gone. Sigh.

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