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Saturday started out with a visit to the vet. Those of you who have patiently endured my maternal dithering about Xiombarg and her decline in food consumption will be relieved to know she is healthy and ok, as far as a physical examination can tell.

I got up and decided that I wanted to subject neither myself, the cat, nor my fellow bus patrons to having to take the bus to the vet in West Seattle, so I called a cab. Xiombarg was a little spooked by the traffic noises while we were waiting, but once we got in the car she was fine, and she remained fine the entire remainder of the trip. In spite of the waiting room full of Really Big Dogs, even.

I think it might have had something to do with me, even. I was trying very hard to project calm - I can get really wound up and nervous about things like this, and I think that emotional energy is part of what makes the cat freak out. So far so good - mind you, not getting wound too tight will be much more difficult when I'm moving, but at least I have some incentive to try and hide it better...

So the Pet Care Center is first-come first-served for general appointments, and I manage to beat the rush, just barely (get there before 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays is my advice) so we got in pretty rapidly after they'd pulled her file. She was really quite good, even enduring having her temperature taken rectally with the old fashioned, extremely slow seeming mercury thermometer without protest. Everything was normal and healthy according to the vet and the nurse/tech who did the initial vitals. They did draw blood for tests, and I will get the results of those tomorrow - but as it stands now she's just being finicky. Which is fine - out of the samples the Mud Bay Grainery guy gave me I've found another food she seems to relish, and she also seems to have decided she would rather I gave her a dish of food than eat out of the self-feeder, and I can cope with that, certainly.

I also got her booster vaccinations taken care of, and I had them trim her claws. I am much relieved - I had horrible visions of her having swallowed a piece of string or something like that, even though she never seemed in pain. She waited until today to punish me by giving me the cold shoulder when she wasn't sleeping, amusingly enough. I'm not surprised that she's taking it a little easy today - vaccinations often take a little time to get over, and this was a 4-in-1. By early evening she was submitting to letting me pet her again, so things are returning to normal.

Just in time for her to get bent out of shape about my DC trip! Hurrah! I'm glad I decided to take her in before I went, though.

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