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the ack! stage

as in ack! I'm leaving town in a week. Time to run around frantically not getting things done. My aversion to packing has reached pathological proportions. Must make a list of things I need to remember to do before leaving - like pay the rent...

Of course it doesn't help that in spite of all my careful planning, the financing of this shindig is going to be somewhat skin-of-my-teeth. I think I simply have another blind spot when it comes to applying math to reality ala money. Feh. I have been planning this trip for over a year! On the other hand, I was not planning things like having emergency dental work. Sigh.

Or vet bills, for that matter. Yes, I've decided that simply for peace of mind, the catlet and I are going to the vet tomorrow morning. She won't be the worse off for a base-line check-up if there's nothing wrong, and I'll be able to stop fretting about it. Look for me on the early early bus - the vet opens at 8 - unless I break down and take a cab. If nothing else, they can clip her nails for me, since I am too much of a soft touch to undertake the wrassling and yowling involved when I attempt it. I have an innate sympathy for the dignity of cats, and it is very difficult for me to violate it, even when it is for their own good.

How much of this is preparation for the Chuck Palahniuk reading tonight? Granted, even with all its freakishness, my life is more stable than that of many of his characters - I should be relieved. I shall be singular in my adoration, it appears, since the people who were going to attend with me now have a funeral on their calendar instead. So once again I'll be getting two copies of the new book signed, one for me and one for Ulysses, who is starting to wonder if he is simply not allowed by the universe to attend a Palahniuk reading.

It truly isn't fair. I wouldn't be a fan if not for Uly's insistence that this Fight Club novel was really good, and that the movie wasn't about guys being stupidly macho - it was about soap. [Actually, I think the soap line was Carol's.] Then he read a chapter from FC (that didn't make the film) at the reading on the coast, and I was hooked. I couldn't believe tickets weren't required when he was touring for Choke, and I'm not surprised that they've got him in Kane Hall this time around.

After that I'm meeting Sharkins at Tower and we're going for coffee, probably at Aurafice. She borrowed my cat carrier for Killer Mittens. Okay, I just wanted to name-drop - Killer Mittens is polydactyl, of course, and I love typing 'Killer Mittens'. It reminds me of a John Sladek story that scared the shit out of me as a child, about an alien that would mimic various objects in order to camouflage itself against its prey, which it devoured by melting with acid. At one point it was a telephone...

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