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David (the very pleasant gentleman at the Mud Bay Grainery on Belmont & Pine) put together some free samples of various catfoods for me on Saturday, to see if Xiombarg found any of them more tempting than her current fare. I decided to stop in and ask thier advice, since the pivot they advertise upon is researching the various types of food they offer for healthiness and sound nutrition.

So far the Maxx cat and the Avocat samples have been greeted with enthusiasm. But those are the two samples I've proffered, so that tells me very little. It leads me to consider boredom with the old food a little more strongly, except she still doesn't seem to eat very much.

I have found scat in her litter box again, though. I'm pretty sure that the problem isn't merely that she's taken a dislike to using the box for a couple of reasons: this is a small enough appartment that if she'd chosen somewhere else to defecate it would rapidly become obvious, and it wasn't merely the change in output I had noticed, but that I'd bought a new bag of food at the regular time, but had yet to open and use it. So there were input anomalies as well. In case it was a hairball problem I went back to the more frequent shedding-season dose regimin for Petromalt but it didn't seem to make much difference.

Evidence of through-put is heartening, at least. jakeaidan, who fosters kitties for one of the shelters, has offered to take a look at her - and I'm pleased to have that as an option prior to bundling her off to the vet. I'm starting to think boredom or finikyness was the culprit, though.

If nothing else, I think she just likes to keep me guessing. This morning, she ignored my oatmeal bowl (usually she's a total beggar, and sits there staring at me until I'm done and put the bowl down on the floor for her) when I put it down, and went into the kitchen for some catfood at that point instead. Goofball cat...

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