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touching on touching

Started thinking about this yesterday, but my companion of the moment redirected the conversation. I suppose it's another facet of the 'learning how to interact with the world' thing, of which interpersonal relationships are a subset.
Normally I would say "I don't like to be touched" and be perfectly sincere. But it isn't entirely true, actually. I don't like to be touched by strangers, certainly, and at times I don't even want to be touched by friends. But I'm more interested at the moment with what constitutes 'touch' - because for me at least it seems to be fairly specific.
When I say I don't like to be touched, I'm generally speaking of someone touching me with their hands. While I don't like being elbowed, or being crowded against, I don't mind someone brushing against me in passing, and I can find shoulder to shoulder contact sitting next to someone I know to be immensely comforting. I don't mind sitting next to someone on the bus or in a car, usually - but I am often not comfortable with sitting in similar proximity to someone in a theatre (movie or otherwise). I hate it when salespeople or wait-staff touch me, the same way I dislike them using my name without my giving it to them...
eh, yah - touched in the head is more like it.

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