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could be a soggy afternoon

"Monday, September 16 the building will be pressure-washed. Please close your windows tightly." This notice greeted me Friday afternoon in the mail room and the elevator of my apartment building. I've had the windows open a couple of inches all summer (i.e. less-than-cat-squeezing-distance) except for when they were washing the roof (unannounced) and I was getting run-off. But I hadn't tried to close them tightly then, really.

The two 'living-room' windows don't shut completely, even when they are all the way closed. I'm not sure if it is from the building settling or just shoddy work, but the windows are out of true with their tracks to the point that there is still a definite gap when they're down, and I can't swing the catches all the way home.

I submitted a maintenance request Friday afternoon, but I doubt anyone saw it. So I have fortified the area with towels and moved everything away (which I would have done for the repair work anyway) and I hope there won't be too much leakage.

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