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Another day at home with the crud. Although, if it had been any other day, I probably would have taken the crud to work. But I just didn't feel up to coping with a 'national day of mourning' or whatever. Moments of silence, rolling requia, and more kinds of political spin than you knew there were quarks.

I'm sorry for the losses of those who lost. But the hoopla is starting to diminish the losses other times and people. Should I mourn less for someone killed yesterday simply because they didn't go out in a firestorm of national tragedy?

The official year of mourning is now over - take off the widows weeds. Look what became of Queen Victoria staying in mourning the rest of her life... and don't tell me there aren't any parallels between what's going on in the current political climate and the ridiculousness of calling table legs "limbs" and covering them for the sake of decency.

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