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Bleah. Some virus has decided to make a sortie on my maxillary sinuses today. So no coffee with amnotsurly; instead an evening of honking and sniffles. The only plus is the brainstorm I had of stopping for hot and sour soup at the Thai place on my way home. No hiding from that, no matter how cold-befuddled my tastebuds are. Plus I got it starry enough to encourage the natural progression of things. Mmm, Tom Kah soup. They also do a dish called Angry Eggplant that I want to try at some point. The Thai Star, at 1007 Boren Ave.

Of course the really sucky thing about this is I'm in kind of a leave crunch due to the surgery complications in July, so I don't want to take time off from work - I need the leave I do have for my Smithsonian trip in October. Otherwise I would have come home early today for sure. Or not gone in at all - though that probably would have resulted in no soup. Silver linings and all that.

I'm also supposed to do nasal irrigation with salt water. The details of the mechanics of this seem to escape me, short of standing on my head with a funnel. Not having a squeeze-bulb of any sort, I improvised using the plant mister. This seems to work - at least I assume that I'm getting the solution where it is supposed to go when I start feeling like I've gotten water up my nose while swimming... the mister will both mist and stream, so I've got a cornucopia of options when it comes to forcing fluids through my nasal cavities. The excitement never ends here at Chez Fou!

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