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Mystery solved

Finally hooked up with Landlord Dwight. He came by this evening and we had our chat - sure enough, it was just about my giving notice.

He wanted to know why, and was hoping he could dissuade me. So we talked for a bit, but my mind is made up. I sort of had to laugh - he reminded me that I hate moving, and that it would be a huge chore. Yup, I do hate moving, and it will be a huge chore. But it's time to go - and that's pretty much that. I don't need two bedrooms, as nice as it has been to sprawl all out; I'm not using the space efficiently anyway. I don't want a roommate; I do want some verifiably grounded outlets.

I'm also jazzed about the place I've put the deposit down on - not only is it a cute studio, but the building has a pool and an exercise room as well. Quel posh. The location is such that I can walk to work if I feel like it, or take the bus if I don't. I really liked the manager, as well.

Plus it's far, far less likely that Xiombarg will slip out and get away from me if I'm back in an apartment building. I wouldn't have said that was as important as it seems now if you'd asked me yesterday...

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