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I had a thought here somewhere...

I think the cat took it. It's probably under the bed by now.

Yesterday was a parade of medical establishmentaria - to Swedish Downtown (nee Providence Medical Group, nee Medalia, nee Providence Downtown clinic...) simply because that's where my charts still are and I haven't gotten around to finding a new physician yet. Saw another one of the staff doctors, who was ok but didn't exactly thrill me with rapport. She did reveal an interesting tidbit - she asked me who my regular physician was, I said it had been Diane, who'd retired. "Well, left anyway," was the reply. Hmm. I was just using the term Diane had used to me, when she phoned me with the news. There was definitely some sort of undertone there - kind of makes me wonder if the switchover/buyout/whatever from Providence to Swedish was more of a motivating factor than I'd considered previously. She'd been working at this clinic for ten years (and I'd been seeing her for seven or eight) so maybe it was just time for a change... Not likely I'll ever know, in any case.

She'd no ideas as to what this sore throat is - but that does rule out several things I was concerned it might be, including strep. I have a prescription and an admonishment that if it doesn't help I'll be referred to an OL specialist. Whee.

Then it was off to the dentist for another delightful three hour session. Part of it was prep for a crown on a tooth I broke in half twelve years ago in grad school - I've had this giant amalgam semi-temporary filling since then that's gone now. It makes my mouth look sort of strange to me not to have it there anymore. Thank goodness for nitrous oxide... and even with that, by the time the end of the appointment rolls around my RLS has kicked in (ha ha) and I'm extremely fidgety. I think they're tired of me closing the place down, they've asked me to come in at 2 pm instead of 3 pm for my next appointment.

So it's back to work for me today, zinc lozenges in hand and ibuprofen (for 'lingering sensitivity' said the dental assistant) at the ready.

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