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my cat joins the clergy

Xiombarg is my little black cat. When I got her, she had one or two white hairs here and there, not unusual. As she has gotten older, she's gotten more little white hairs here and there, also not unusual. They tend to concentrate together, these clumps of white hair, though mostly they merely make her look dusty, since there aren't huge numbers of them in any one place.

Except for the oldest patch, the one she has had the longest, on the front of her neck - located right where the ID tag hangs if she is wearing a collar. That spot is old enough, and concentrated enough that it does look noticeably white.

So I'm reading a piece in the Stranger about Seattle University and the strong academic tradition of the Jesuits, and there is a photo of one of the professors. Not surprisingly, he is wearing clerical garb, all in black, complete with the white collar. From this I look up to see my cat regarding me, all in black, complete with white 'collar'. The resemblance was uncanny.

This would explain the tiny little rosary I found the other day...

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