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a bad morning

This morning on the way to work I found a cat dead in the parking lot of the church on 23rd between Pike and Union. I was the second person to phone Animal Control.

The worst part was it had been strangled. Visual inspection didn't allow me to tell exactly what had happened, but it was too clean to have been struck by a vehicle. Its eyes were protruding and its mouth was open.

It made me profoundly disturbed, it made me cry, it made me furious that someone would do such a thing. Whoever they are, I hope they suffer slow dreams of suffocation and endless panic thrice akin to what they caused. Cruelty to animals is cowardly, despicable and wrong - this sort of thing is exactly what makes me feel humans are a foul and pointless pox upon this planet.

A cat, at least, gives pleasure by its mere presence, walking in grace and beauty. What foulness spawned the 'agency' to mar that grace? What is the point of keeping an eye on the sparrows if all that's done is watch them fall?

Yet another reason why you don't have to ask me why I hate humans.

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