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I miss Lisa (hi Lisa!) but I know more about what's going on (from her journal) than when we lived in the same town. On further reflection part of that was her trainer job keeping her in travel status so much, though.

I want to take a dance class (not pairs dancing; something like belly dance or I guess 'modern' dance) but I'm horrible with structure - the minute I have a regular schedule to keep it seems restrictive and burdensome. Even getting to work at the same time every day seems oppressive. I manage to get around that by varying which bus I catch - there are three between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., any of which will get me downtown in time to get my coffee and be at my desk before my official 8:00 a.m. starting gun. But the instant I dedicate, say, Tuesday evenings to a class (or a game, or a work-out, or whatever) a zillion other better-seeming offers appear.
I used to be so good at being reliable. Now I'm only as reliable as pays off - and for all it's one of those qualities vaunted by want-ad writers, the pay-off is remarkably minor. I'm kind of frightened at the amount of slack for flakiness that seems to be built into the system. That or I really am odiously reliable, so damn reliable that even at my most flaky I'm pretty damn stolid.

I miss Sharkins, too (while I'm missing people by name). Lisa and Sharkins and I should form our own Axis of Evil, seeing as we're all single and therefore obviously have nothing better to do...

[and just think. You only get to see these mental processes from the *outside*...]

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