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Gastric bypass update

I have reached the stage in my weight loss where I occasionally look at myself and seem unbearably fragile.
I grant it is difficult to conceive of someone who tops out the scale at more than 180 lbs as 'unbearably fragile' - but comparatively speaking, since I started out nearly twice that, it does come into focus. There seems to be some rearrangement going on now, more than sheer diminishing of poundage. I can actually see muscle movement now, the difference in the biceps and triceps as I rotate my arms. I do have bruises, too, on my legs - from tucking my leg up under the 'privacy shield' of my desk. My breasts are mostly skin now - Erik would be so disappointed. I certainly don't look the nullipara! I can't sit for as long as I used to be able to, or the bones in my pelvis get sore. I have collarbones! For some strange reason I am proudest of that - I always admire them. Probably because I've always found them attractive on other people - now I have some of my very own! *snort*
My weight seems to have stabilized for the most part - this is where I need to get serious about 'fitness', I suppose. Bodies are strange things.

Just call me the poster child for Cartesian dualism.

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