Joy (cithra) wrote,

"friends" and friendship

Meaningless entertainment or real people with real emotions? There seems to be an interesting dichotomy in how livejournal friends (or should I continue to say "friends") are viewed. Why take it personally if someone drops you from their friends list? Why take it personally if an acquaintance in a group you're chatting with tells you to shut up, and henceforth ignores anything you have to say? Both instances strike me as rude, but I have seen differing opinions expressed.

I went through a phase early on when I thought Usenet was my own personal toy - like reading a novel, or watching a movie. I forget exactly when it changed, but I still remember the feeling of realizing that posters were people rather than characters, and as such deserving of some respect. Perhaps I'm seeing too strong of a parallel between livejournal and Usenet, but the comments feature highlights the similarities, it seems - unlike uncommented blogs (which I've also kept) lj often seems like dozens of miniature versions of "".

I'm still thinking about this, which means there may or may not be more later.

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