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when in the course of human events...

Some people get blood all over the living room; I get coffee all over the kitchen. They're both vital fluids, what. Can't say I know of any specifically coffee-borne illnesses, though. No hazmat team for me today.

Magic Mouse Toys did indeed provide - I now own my very own copy of Millions of Cats. Of course, this calls for a Reading Party. The problem is venue; if I held it here in my very small apartment it would have to be very limited in population or people would have to get very cozy. If I limit the invitations I'm sure to have to leave out someone who would like to come, and that's no good. I have four chairs, a couch that seats three or four, depending on hip width, two stools and a double bed, the latter set of three items being something not everyone would be comfortable occupying. Plus the floor, but there's not an almighty lot of that left, at this point. Hmm - ten or twelve people is certainly about the proper size (otherwise it takes all night to get through everyone's selections) but... well, it bears cogitation. On the other hand, in terms of personal space I think it would feel crowded after about five... *ponder*

Maybe I'll take a wee nap before tonight's festivities, now.

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