Joy (cithra) wrote,

the medical miracle speaks

More body stuff, proceed at your own

Ok, we're over a month out, and certain of the stitches from the hernia surgery are still - well, if not exactly twingy certainly willing to make their presence known on occasion. I've discovered another pokey-thing under my skin located about 2.5 centimeters laterally and inferiorly to the first one; not surprisingly both are co-located with incisions, so they are probably some part of the edging of the mesh or anchors/handles for it... I have not seen what said mesh looks like ex vivo or otherwise, so I should probably go do a search for illustrations or something.

I found my pubic symphysis! Ok, only another osteo-geek would probably even care, but I've lost enough weight now that I can actually distinguish all of the bones in my pelvic girdle, and I'm fiercly exultant. The ribs were a landmark as well, but I carry a fair portion of my weight on and around my hips, so being able to feel the bone structure in that area really is kind of a wonder. I think I have lost some more weight post-hernia surgery, but I'm not sure - they didn't weigh me at my follow-up appointment (veeeeery interesting; I swear by my faded memory that is the absolute first time I have set foot in a doctor's office without being herded to the scale. "Got a hangnail? Well, let's just check your weight here.") and I've never been a fan of scales, so I don't have a set.

The two issues are vaguely related as it is the lowermost stitches that have been giving me what little trouble I still have. Those are probably the ones with the most 'play' - the ones that are the most likely to bear stress when I'm walking or moving, I guess.

I'm supposed to go out dancing tonight, but I'll have to forgo any jumping around, I think. At least we are going to the Mercury, so there will likely be somewhere to sit if necessary.

Eh, what to wear. This I'll have to think about viz constricting waistbands, etc.

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