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bagels of loooooove

I have six home-made bagels in my kitchen, and one home-made bagel in my tummy. I even got to help alter them topologically from sphere to torus. It is both simple and complex, this business of bagels. I wanted to see the process, so I convinced Ben to let me watch him make a batch.

Ben cooks - which I think is really keen. I know how to cook - but I have no flair for it, and no love of it, so I don't tend to do it very often. When I do, it always seems to be a production - and even the little I helped with the bagels tonight resulted in me being floured from head to toe to an absurd degree considering the minor amount of my participation. So I really admire people for whom it seems to be second nature, the easiest thing in the world. It was marvelous to watch; he's very deft.

Sometimes I think in some ways it's a distinct pity we're not romantically inclined toward each other. Other times I'm certain it's just as well, that we'd kill each other within a week. In either case, he makes a damn fine bagel, even when he has to tweak the recipe.

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