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here we are in August

August has always been a problematic month for me. It's often the month when I feel left behind, for whatever reason. Before I turned into a lizard/cat, it was the month when I hid in shadows, waiting for the heat to die down. In some ways, it's the beginning of the end - particularly of those cycles that commence in September and October, a number of which are fairly important in my personal mythos.

Secularly, of course, it's when the budget people start running around trying to get things wrapped up and straightened out before the end of the Fiscal Year. At work, this decapitated-chicken-emulation mode has begun earlier than usual, since GAO has been leaning on people to get their act together pronto as a result of the giant budget sinkhole of the soi-disant War on Terror(tm). Things need to be classified into stone, turnips, sponges, etc. for the purposes of blood-squeezing.

The number eight has never been a friend, but never really an enemy either. Neutral, but somewhat untrustworthy, as it could go either way. This makes for a watchful month, not particularly restful. No one is ever around when you need them, and no one knows what the hell is going on. A month of pretenders and charlatans. I blame Augustus the day stealer...

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